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Why choose Toni Withaneye curriculums? I believe the imagination of a child can make dreams come true.  

Many curriculums have turned to the copy machine to provide a duplicate way of learning. This does not enhance children’s imagination.  Unlike many early childhood curriculums, Toni Withaneye uses art to spark the imagination and teach academic subjects such as math, science, culture and literacy.

Children are visual thinkers, they learn better and retain things longer when the subject is visually taught, and not duplicated on a machine.

Toni Withaneye curriculum will help your class learn complex thinking skills and master developmental tasks. The lessons feature Famous artists, art techniques and real art mediums. They also encourage art as a family activity. The children’s work are not dido’s. When finished parents get excited about the whole picture because children are able to explain the process.This enhances the school environment.

Toni is a member of the Association for Childhood Education International (ACEI)

This includes all supplies for a class up to 20 students.

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