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What Toni Does…

Art products offered with Toni.

Toni Withaneye has been teaching children for over twenty years. She has additional experience with art and numerous certifications in the field of child development. Toni has always enjoyed working with children. She published her first book “Moon Jumping Babies” in 2007. Toni lives in Florida with her family, still teaches and continues to be inspired by her children and students.


Classroom learning projects are fun with Toni

She offers classes that are educational, fun, and encourage active learning. When you schedule your in house field trip and let your class become paleontologists in my Dino Class, Illustrate the front cover of their special book in my book Illustrator Class. Young ones can use their imagination and fly away in their own hot air balloons. Children can also explore parts of Africa as they make their own African Drum.